How to deal with less Social Contact?

with Maarten van Elst

Are you tired of doing everything online in these uncertain times? Are you unable to play your favourite sports or experience the warmth of having social gatherings? Or are you struggling with your mental well-being for whatever reason it may be? Then join us on 21 December where we will be coached by none other than Maarten van Elst, a Muslim vitality coach who works on bringing balance between physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

During this event, our special guest will give an online presentation about dealing with uncertainties and having less socials contacts. After this presentation, there will be an interactive discussion (in Dutch and English) about the presentation and some statements. We will ask you to turn your camera on to have a more interactive and meaningful meeting.

Is this event something for you or someone you know who may benefit from this? Then register below and let us know whether you would like to join for the presentation only, or the presentation and interactive discussion too (you can indicate whether you prefer English or Dutch). This event is free for members (€3.- attendance deposit) and €5.- for non-members.

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