Iftar MSA 'Ibn Firnas 2024

Iftar 2023/24 🕌

Iftar with Ibn Firnas!

✨ Annual Iftar dinner by MSA Ibn Firnas ✨ 

As salam aleykom Ibn Firnas Community! Our annual Iftar is around the corner. We invite you all to an evening of fellowship and coming togheter in sha Allah! Make your friends experience how Ramadan is celebrated. Bring them along and register them too for the iftar! 🌼🌸


For this year’s charity, a collection of items will be presented for auction and the proceeds go to the Palestinian Hope Foundation. Seperate donations are also possible at the event, this way we can all give in zakaat in sha Allah ✨


📅 Wednesday 27th March

⏰ Walk in 18:00 – Start 18:30

📍 Al-Ansar Mosque, Delft

Vulcanusweg 265-A, 2624 AV, Delft



💲 Part of the registration fee will go to the Palestinian Hope Foundation; you can decide yourself the maximum you would like to pay for your ticket. A minimum contribution of €10 for members and €15 for non-members applies.


Wednesday 27th March 2024

Members: 10 | Non-members: 15


Registration SOLD OUT

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