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Career & Religion – Harmonious or Contradictory?

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Ramaḍān is coming soon… But first…

An inspiring lecture on how to combine your studies with ʿIbādah, including a history of Islamic Engineering and inspiration for decision making throughout your engineering career. 

The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ was reported to have said:”

Allāh loves that whenever any of you does something, he should excel in it.” (Ḥasan, Reported by al-Bayhaqī)

One of the essential qualities of an engineer’s work is mastery. Therefore you constantly have to ask yourself questions like the following:

  • What are your options as a Muslim engineer?
  • What does Islam tell us about it?
  • Do your colleagues think that Islam is a barrier between you and engineering?

For answers to all of the above and more, join us on the evening of  Wednesday 1st May with ustāḏ Umair Umair Bantvawala and historian Kasim Tekin for a trip through time to the Islamic Golden Age and our role in today’s society as Muslim engineers!

Muslim Engineers & Scientists Throughout History​

English Video

Arabic Video



Umair Bantvawala​

Ustad Dar Al-Fahm


Kasim Tekin

Historian specialized in Islamic history

Wednesday 1 May 2019
26 Shaban 1440

Start at 17:45

TU Delft
Aula, Senaatszaal

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