Are you not a student (anymore), and do you not expect to participate in our activities? Still, you can then make a contribution!

The importance

We are a emancipatory student association in Delft. Our primary goal is to create Islamic awareness among the student community. We think that it is of utmost importance that students participate in activities and projects, alongside their study. In this way they can develop themselves in different areas, which will benefit them at a later stage.

All this, however, requires more effort than might seem at first sight. Your support is therefore very important. As a donor, you support our student association in both its qualitative and quantitative growth. It’s benefits are found in the student community in particular and the Muslim community in general.

The benefits of donorship

In addition to fulfilling your social responsibility, the donorship also brings a number of benefits. For example, donors have free access to our various events and there are reduced rates for the courses and lessons offered.

A step further...

As a donor you naturally support us financially. This money can be invested in the different events and lectures that are organized. Would you like to exert influence on the organization, and take it to a next level? Then you can join the board of MSA Ibn Firnas, you can participate in one of the committees or you can become an advisor! Feel free to contact us.

Become A Donator!

As a structural donator of MSA Ibn Firnas you actively support us financially. This allows us to continue our work for the Muslim students in Delft.


The Ummah

Perhaps it escapes some, because we do not disclose all our acts, but we do behind the scenes – for the sake of Allah – a lot of work for our student community. It therefore motivates us as a board to see that in our Ummah there are people who believe in us, understand the importance of our student association and support us in all kinds of ways.

The Motivation

We cannot do it alone! Our supporters and community are the ones that form the pillars of our existence. It is also for those we are committed to, so that in sha Allah the future students will find an easier way to go.

Would you like to help us with this and make your contribution?

One-Time Donation Form

If easier, you can also transfer the amount to:
NL83 RABO 0116 6762 72

Minimum One-Time Donation Amount: € 10,-

As a Donor of MSA Ibn Firnas you firstly make it possible to facilitate prayer rooms in Delft. Without our members and donors, it would never have been possible to achieve this wonderful milestone. Currently we have two prayer rooms in TU Delft and a place in which the Friday Prayer is held weekly (excluding the summer holidays). We also try to provide (Muslim) students as much as possible with useful facilities, so that they can have a fun and educational addition to their student life in Delft as a Muslim being. 

In summary, MSA Ibn Firnas offers (Muslim) students some useful facilities, and it provides a fun and educational addition to the student life in Delft.

Please click here to read more about the association, and click here if you are curious what activities MSA Ibn Firnas facilitates.