MSA Ibn Firnas tries to offer a full range of needs for students. This is obviously not so that you no longer become a member of another association. It is rather so that you feel that we can offer you something extra alongside your study. Namely everyone has different reasons to join an association.

Some do it purely for charity, so that MSA Ibn Firnas can, for example, continue to facilitate the prayer rooms. Others don’t see the benefit of joining the organisation, and therefore become a fixed donor.  Because they are not a student anymore, or any other reason.

Of course, we as students, would like ‘something in return’. But please do keep in mind that the membership can actually be considered as charity. Because without this fixed income, we can’t, for example, finance the prayer rooms and organize religiously permitted events for students, which are, by the way, for both leisure and educational purposes.

Alright, like mentioned before we try to facilitate a full range of different needs. These are divided into four different categories, and we hope that in this way at least one category will appeal to everyone. These are:

Please keep in mind that the activities listed below are not all currently being held. Some are currently being organized, others are made possible continuously. However, all activities have ever been organised by Ibn Firnas and we are continuously engaged in making possible different kinds of activities, as mentioned above.

Would you like to participate in organizing or executing one of the activities below?

Do NOT hesitate to contact us! The board looks forward meeting you.


Company Visits

Company visits are regularly organized. Not only is this useful to get acquainted with the business sphere and where you can work after your study, you can also build up a certain network in this way.

We as a student association are much sought after by companies. This is because they among other things, want to stimulate diversity and we reflect this certainly.


Ofcourse, precisely because of this diversity in our student association, we offer an ideal opportunity to network.


Primary School Lessons

Also we try to support pre-university students to pass their last exams, so that they have access to the universities. Our youth really likes getting this support from students who understands them. We therefore try to be a role model for the future generation of engineers.

High School Exam Training

Outside TU Delft we give workshops and scientific lessons at primary schools where youth are being encouraged to study well.

Lectures at University Level

As a student association, we ofcourse offer besides the primary school and secondary school level lectures, also classes at university level.

The topics are varying. Ibn Firnas tries to give both religious and social classes, which are given by professional speakers.

The engineering topics are of course fascinating. But what we find especially important, is to give precisely on other subjects lessons, rather than what you are been confronted with every day. Because it is also important to have some knowledge about the other fields as well. We try to give this knowledge, in which the university falls short, to our members.


Prayer Facilites

We currently do have 2 rooms which are dedicated for praying. One is in the EWI Building and the other in Aerospace Building.


MSA Ibn Firnas has made it possible to keep the jumuah on campus every Friday. With the support of the members and donors, we can rent a place in TU Delft every week where the Jumuah is done by fellow students, who are ofcourse entitled to do so.​


For Muslims, the Arabic language is the most important language there is. This is because our holy book is in Arabic, and that is not without reason! As qtafsir states, the Arabic language is the most eloquent, plain, deep and expressive of the meanings that might arise in one's mind. Therefore, it is important to have at least basic knowledge of it. That is the reason why it has a high priority for us, as a Muslim student association, to give this opportunity to our members and all other students in Delft.

Iftar & Eid

Every year we organize at least once a dinner during iftar.

Leisure & Sport


We call it 'futsal'. Others call it the ideal moment to step away from all that study stress. To keep a long story short: exercising is very important in addition to studying. And that is why we find it crucial to offer this to our members.

Ibn Freelax

During Ibn Freelax, students from and outside Delft get the opportunity to meet each other. Ibn Firnas has students from many different countries, as stated in the about page.

This gives you the opportunity to get to know people from many different countries. This way you can learn from each other, share insights and expand your network.

Lady Event

The same principle as ibn freelax, but then for female students. You do not necessarily have to study in Delft to attend the event. Nor do you have to be a member to be allowed to be present.

During the event you can get to know other (Muslim) students in Delft. Given that there are few, we try to bring them together. You can also get to know the association during this event.

Movie Night

Occasionally organizing a film evening is of course equally enjoyable after all that studying.

Do you want to be part of the team that manages and handles the important affairs of the above mentioned activities?

Do NOT hesitate to contact us! Many hands make light work possible!

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”

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