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Board Positions​ - 2020/2021 Board to be announced soon!

Board members are expected to use their skills and enthusiasm in the way of benefiting Muslim students with their spiritual and academic endeavors. Every board member can voice their opinion, propose new projects and give their insight regarding solutions and or the direction of the MSA.



Religious Affairs










Public Relations





The committees form the body of the MSA. The reasons we are able to organise events and more. So your hands will be needed to support the muslim student community. For new ideas, either join a committee or start one in its respective branch.

Facility Committee
This committee is established to provide Muslim TU Students ways to fulfill their religious duty of prayer.
Currently, we have two rooms available for daily prayers (EWI and LR). Furthermore, almost weekly Friday prayers at S&C.
During Jummah a small group of volunteers will be responsible for setting up the place and storing the materials. (storage is accessible) The place should be ready for the opening time.
Facility Manager – Ali Kahawati

Khatieb Group
This group is dedicated to giving khutbahs during jummah.
Every speaker must abide by the code of conduct, that is laid in the Code of Conduct.
Facility Manager – Ali Kahawati

Education Committee
This committee is focused on helping Muslim TU students with their academic pursuits. Activities such as lectures will be the main stamp of this group. However new ideas and suggestion to improve this educational pillar of MSA Ibn Firmas are more than welcome.
Edu Coordinator – *open*

Tutoring Committee
This group is for Bravo Coaches who are taking part in the MSA Ibn Firnas external education program in cooperation with CCPR/Merkez.
The aim is to support high school students in their academic performance. We do not only tutor the pupils but also coach them to improve their overall discipline and critical/analytic abilities.
Bravo Studie Coaching – Ali Sohrab Ashraf

Recreation Committee
This committee is directed towards networking and socializing with fellow Muslim students.
Activities where you can relax, play and clear your mind. Including but not limited to quarterly Ibn Freelax events, movie nights, bowling and BBQ’s.
Recreation Coordinator – *open*

Futsal Managers
This committee’s purpose is to organize and manage weekly futsal tournaments.
The layout of the tournament is up to this committee.
The managers will have to do the following:

  1. Book a sports hall (via the sports coordinator)
  2. Take care of the ball and jackets
  3. Make sure the atmosphere is friendly
  4. Charge the players (via the treasurer)

During every match, at least one futsal manager has to be present and the futsal manager is free of charge.
Sports Coordinator – Danish Khan

The supportive branch will be in constant cooperation with the whole organization. It offers its services to the board and its managers and coordinators.

Marketing Team
Responsible for the promotion of the MSA and its activities. Graphic design, promotion, social media presence, and other creative fields will be in the hands of this team. The creative outputs of this group are definitely more expandable, think about interviews, articles, photography, and design of goodies.
Head of  Public Relations – Hanan Al-Mustafa

IT Team
Manages, processes, stores and protects the information of the MSA, its members, and involved parties.
Secretary – Mahmoud Al-Refaai

Do you want to be involved? Quickly check the available positions and committees and become an influencer of the organization.

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