The Muslim Student Association (MSA) Ibn Firnas is a student association based at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. Founded in Shaʿbān 1426 (September 2005) by three Aerospace Engineering students, the association now has well over a hundred members from various backgrounds and all walks of life.

Our name references ʿAbbās bin Firnās, an Andalusian polymath who lived during the Islamic Golden Age and is credited with the first successful flight – al be it with not the best landing. Today, a crater on the moon bears his name in honour of his contributions to science. His engineering and courage brough humanity to a higher level. 

MSA Ibn Firnas is the only Muslim student association in Delft. Besides this, our members are known to come from all over the world. Hence the reason we have almost all our activities in English. This diversity allows for a greater ability to build ones network and exchange knowledge and ideas. This is especially important as a student because in this bright environment, one might just invent the next great thing.

Our association is very diverse yet we stand united as Muslims students. We organize events and activities, welcoming you with a warm smile. This also includes non-muslims or anybody who is interested in Islam. So say salām!



MSA Ibn Firnas tries to help the students on both spiritual and academic level. Therefore several activities and project are being held during the academic year.
The main activities are: maintaining the daily accessible prayer rooms and the costly bigger room each Friday for the preach (Jumua Khutba).Furthermore there are monthly activities being hold such as inviting role models for giving lectures about all subjects relating to our daily lives and leisure activities. Yearly the two ieds and iftaar are being organised for everyone who’s interested.

On educational level MSA Ibn Firnas gives scientific lessons to the youth at the primary schools. Also we support first year’s students in their first year of study by organising educational lectures and courses. At the end of the year the tutoring is being arranged for the pre university students who need to make the last exams to get access to the universities.

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